PADI Referral dives in Warm Water

PADI Dives in Warm Waters

The PADI training Referral system

PADI Referrals

For every PADI diving course, you can complete some training with one dive centre, and continue or complete the training with other dive centres. At the end of each stage the PADI Instructor will sign the referral document to confirm your training. This makes it easy to get your open water training done in warm waters even during the winter months.

PADI Referrals

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Canarian Beaches in Winter

Canaries in Winter.

The waters around the Canaries are warmed by the gulf-stream and are categorised as sub-tropical. As the waters never drop below 18ºC they are ideal for winter training, in wet-suits rather than dry-suits.

The waters around the Canaries also teem with colourful marine life! There are colourful fish such as parrotfish and damselfish, invertebrates such as octopus, cuttlefish, crabs, nudibranches; and bigger creatures such as barracudas, trumpetfish, angel sharks and rays, and if you are really lucky small but secretive seahorses!

What will you see?

Amazing Marine Creatures

Canaries - dive all year round

Be Chilled not Frozen!.

Chill out for a few days during winter and you can avoid the worst of Northern European weather, get some sunshine and complete your PADI training in a relaxed environment without any security concerns.

You can chill-out in the Canaries rather than freeze-up in a quarry or diving pit in the North.

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